How We Got Started

MVS, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Utah, as Sheri Rhodes’ art studio, providing painting services for the model horse hobby. After Sheri began sculpting, Will took an interest in casting her pieces, and developed a molding technique that is highly unique and creates better castings than standard molding techniques. Soon, other artist’s were requesting his services. We have grown substantially since then, adding a dedicated and talented staff, and moving into a new 1800 sq. ft. facility in 2008. We now provide not only molding and casting services, but painting and finishing services, as well as offering several equine-related products.

All of our staff are horse owners, so each step of casting is performed by people who know horses, and won’t miss the little details that matter. Some members of our staff also have military backgrounds, with a strong sense of loyalty and dedication to serving our customers.

We have a multiple-step inspection process to ensure that any problems will be caught and corrected before your order is shipped. Having a professional artist on-staff ensures the most detailed inspections possible. It is very important to us to only ship the very best quality castings, rather than ship everything and then replace any rejects when you unpack them. As a result of this policy, we have a very low rate of rejected products.