3 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

Surprise your horse crazy friends and family with a beautifully sculpted figurine of their favorite breed! Perfect to display on their mantle, curio cabinet or desk. You can even add an engraved name! 

This week, I am promoting three of my sculptures to jump-start the Christmas gift buying season. The first sculpture is 10% off for this week only (through Oct. 16th). It is the elegant 'Aurora', an Arabian mare figurine with a whispy mane and forelock, available in black, bronze, shaded grey or glossy white. Shop here: https://store.mountainviewstudios.net/products/aurora-large-arabian-mare-bust-faux-bronze

The next sculpture is 10% off, which is the proud and fiery American Saddlebred, "Victory". He is available in black or bronze, and can be purchased here: https://store.mountainviewstudios.net/products/american-saddlebred-bust-bronze-color


And finally, this beautiful Friesian bust in black is the most affordable of all. The Friesian horse is one of the most loved horse breeds of them all, with their tall stature and flowing mane and tail. This sculpture will be treasured by anyone who receives it. Shop here:  https://store.mountainviewstudios.net/products/friesian-bust-in-black

Up next: how our sculptures are created (right here in the USA!).