• Jamal, NEW Arabian Colt foal in unpainted WHITE


    Introducing our newest resin, Jamal!


    Traditional scale (6" long x 6.5" tall) Arabian colt sculpted by Sheri Rhodes of Mountain View Studios Inc. Solid-cast in artist quality urethane resin in the U.S.A., with steel reinforced legs. You can paint this handsome boy any color and he will be ready for the shows! With his tail flipped playfully over his back, his proud attitude and playful energy will grace your shelf and wow them in the show ring!


    This item is an UNPAINTED, WHITE RESIN. Photos in grey are of the original sculpture. DELIVERY TIME OF CASTINGS: currently being molded (Oct. 8, 2019) and castings will be ready to ship by Friday, Oct. 18th, 2019. They will be kept in-stock most of the time with only occasional delays of up to 5 business days in the future (after the holidays 2019).


    Jamal has a beautiful mama mare, Samira, that may be purchased together for a discount! See their combined listing to purchase.