• Samira & Jamal, Arabian mare and colt in unpainted WHITE


    Here are our two newest sculptures, Samira (mare) and Jamal (colt), sold together at a discount! These are WHITE UNPAINTED resin castings, with a hollow-resin mare and a solid-resin foal, both with steel reinforced legs. The mare is 11" long x 10" tall, and the colt is 6" long x 6.5" tall. Paint them any color for beautiful show horses or as treasured collectibles! 

    NOTE: you may also purchase these separately. See their individual listings for more info & photos of each horse.

    *Photos in grey are of the original sculpture. DELIVERY TIME OF CASTINGS: currently being molded (Oct. 8, 2019) and castings will be ready to ship by Friday, Oct. 18th, 2019. They will be kept in-stock most of the time with only occasional delays of up to 5 business days in the future (after the holidays 2019).